ResultsĀ  Coaching

ResultsCoaching offers specialized relationship based interaction. Sober Coaching, Life Skills Coaching, Family Coaching
Professional Coaching and Management / Leadership Coaching

Results Coaching provides a specialized model of strength based services to increase confidence, decision making and life skills for those living with the challenges of recovery from drugs and alcohol.

We Sober Coach people of all ages to identify inner strengths, build on healthier and fuller lives and integrate life skills support. Results Coaching emphsizes skill building and relapse prevention.  Results Coaching sessions are set up to fit each person's individualized needs, wants, goals, and life plans: 
Building Healthy Relationships, Setting Healthy Boundaries,   Communication Skills, Goal-Setting, Motivational Enhancement, Anger Management, Problem Solving, and Situational Optimism.         
Results Coaching provides links to counseling services, consulting services. Check out our Distance Coaching Model with Emerge College Success Program (

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